Nike Spark Brilliance For 2016 Rio Olympics -- The Cheapest brand on the pitch

2016 New Nike Spark Brilliance

With a few massive international tournaments rapidly approaching, Nike are making a play to remain the most buzzworthy brand on the pitch. The Nike Spark Brilliance Pack for 2016 Rio Olympics arrives just weeks before the Copa America and Euro 2016 competitions kick off — and this ain't just any old color update from the Swoosh.

Nike teased the new Cheap Mercurial Superfly V two months ago, stoking the embers of intrigue for boot fans the world over. With this pack, we finally have the first official colorway that the public can get their hands on. In a fiery black and red, the Superfly V from is undoubtedly the headliner of Spark Brilliance, but Nike have a couple other nuggets here that will excite their fans.

Nike Reveals Highly Anticipated Mercurial Superfly V

We dove into the full rundown on the changes to the Superfly in the link above, so I'll rehash the short version here. The most significant update is the revamped soleplate. Instead of a flat outsole, the Superfly V's plate is mapped out for the natural shape of the human foot. What used to be a carbon fiber soleplate is now even lighter and (somehow) stronger. Nike is confident this change will only enhance the Superfly's speed in every way.

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